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Low Blow is a custom motorcycle with a 124-cubic-inch V-twin engine built by Thee Darkside of Daytona. Learn more about this super-powered chopper. Advertisement Nearly anyone with...3. realscu. 11K 6. Jan 30, 2015 #1. EXCLUSIVE: Deputy inspector who complained about NYPD superiors will be promoted Steven Griffith, who will be bumped up to inspector, griped that fellow African-American Philip Banks, who was chief of department, was treated poorly and pushed out. PEARL GABEL/NEW YORK DAILY NEWS/PEARL …

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The “Rant” is a public internet messaging board where police officers often vent their job grievances. “Clouseau” used disparaging language to refer to elected officials, including former ...A slew of derogatory messages on a notorious police message board the "Rant" were linked back to a top NYPD official, according to a report. Matt …Nov 20, 2023 · 11/21 Promotions : Budget crisis or not , NYPD still promoting the "deserving" especially at the top. Only one I see as well deserving is Chief Jerry O'Sullivan , dare I say a good Irish lad who gets his second star . Erik Hernandez was in same academy class as O'Sullivan but dont know much about him . Aug 25, 2019 #1. Capt Delgado. I also have a favorite best list, but worse boss list is more fun. Capt Delgado is the most insufferable. This guy has zero human skills. When he left Gang his unit cheered from atop of the tables. Now he is in SRG and everyone is leaving. What a loser he is.I say this guy is going to get 7 figures when it's all said and done. BxBorn. 2,099 1. Oct 08, 2013 #2. speekyspani--- offduty nypd cops will maybe pay money out their personal funds. I do not think the NYPD will indemnify them. Or pay out for that matter. peekipani. 2,914.A longtime NYPD officer and union leader who was the former president of the city’s Police Benevolent Association and an official with the Detectives’ Endowment Association has died, officials said Monday. Lou Matarazzo, 84, died of natural causes surrounded by his family at home in Rockville Centre, Long Island, on Sunday, officials …The 66 is known as Fort Surrender, not the 73! It got that nickname after the NYPD bosses continually surrendered to the Hasidic community every chance they got. The 113 is known as Fort Despair for obvious reasons. The 41 was Fort Apache, but now it is the little house on the prairie. It was called that way before the flying Puerto Rican case.THEE RANT > 10 Part Time Opportunities - NYPD Pistol Permit Investigator. Share. Share with: Link: Copy link. 6 posts 10 Part Time Opportunities - NYPD Pistol Permit Investigator 10 Part Time Opportunities - NYPD Pistol Permit Investigator. EnWhyPeeDee. 938 5. EnWhyPeeDee. 938 5. Post Oct 25, 2017 #1 2017-10-25T14:46. POLICE …This abuse of Authority is Rediculous and should be criminal and upheld to the same standard of the law as the officers!! Check out my YOUTUBE videos and see how they lied and said I was totally disabled and Surveyed me on ordinary disability with 18 years on the job. They are very corrupt especially the Orthopedics department! …A high-ranking NYPD deputy inspector was identified as the author of hateful posts on "The Rant - LAW ENFORCEMENT RANT", a forum for …Many F-bombs were uttered. A Singapore court delivered a guilty verdict today against teenager Amos Yee on charges of “wounding religious feelings” and obscenity, after he posted a...Mar 19, 2012 · 613 5. Mar 19, 2012 #1. The NYPD is down about 6,000 cops below is the present day rank structure. Wonder what it was in 1990 or 1970. It looks like everyone including the hot dog vendor has 4 or 3 stars. Wonder why that is Ray Ray. ( Don't get hung up if names are wrong ) 4 Stars. Deputy Commissioner of Counter Terrorism – Richard Daddario. Thee Rant > THEE RANT > NYPD RAID JACKETS . Share. Share with: Link: Copy link. 13 posts 1; 2; Next; NYPD RAID JACKETS NYPD RAID JACKETS . 10 08. 13K 2. 10 08. 13K 2. Post May 21, 2011 #1 2011-05-21T15:17. thank you to the headquarters weenie who designed the new raid jackets for placing a lining in the damn thing.. "Hey LT I bet after 9/11 when the TBTA was rightfully issued firearms your 2 inch pop kok was harder than chinese algebra." Hopefully someone in the 101, 105 or 111 comes accross this fvcking coward and teaches him a lesson. May 15, 2022 · Thee RANT-This a public forum. To edit this forum's settings go to Menu > Structure > Preferences. He told the duo that he was went against advice from some he spoke with backstage, who advised him against reading Trump’s rant aloud during the …See who you know in common. Contact Hetin directly. Join to view full profile. View Hetin Maheshwari’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional …Nearly 2,000 NYPD cops quitting before getting full pensions — a 71% jump from 2021 More than 2,000 officers have left the NYPD so far in 2022. The ... Thee Rant > THEE RANT > Nearly 2,000 NYPD cops quitting before getting full pensions — a 71% jump from 2021. Share. Share with:on Thee NYPD Rant? Because it directly concerns you. Hiding behind the safety of their computer screens, 3,000 miles away, these guys are taking a shot across the bow at NYPD, specifically at ESU. The LAPD, being the politically sensitive agency that they are, may be getting nervous at the comments that have started flying.Thee Rant > THEE RANT > NYPD-JTTF DeThee Rant > THEE RANT > ... Heidelberger became an NYPD of CNN —. A high-ranking official with the New York Police Department has been temporarily relieved of his command and placed on modified duty after … An NYPD cop has filed a lawsuit against the department NYPD LBA President Lt. Tom Sullivan Funeral Info. Brooklyn. After completing elementary school at St. Catherine of Genoa, he. attended Brooklyn Technical High School. Upon graduation from Tech, he attended. College. Tom comes from a long police lineage. His grandfather and father were. Police Officers in the N.Y.P.D.Thee Rant > THEE RANT > NYPD-JTTF Detective - Paralyzed on Overseas Mission . Share. Share with: Link: Copy link. Switch to Print View - 81 posts ... The hero cop - one of the most decorated members of the NYPD - and former Army 82nd Airborne paratrooper was injured on July 4 in Lisbon, Portugal. Nov 28, 2023 · 2. Next. jvinsp. 5,220 2,632.

Feb 3, 2021 · Feb. 3, 2021. New York’s top police official responsible for combating workplace harassment was fired on Wednesday, three weeks after an internal investigation concluded that he wrote racist ... Press Release | 4 NYPD OFFICERS HONORED WITH ROOSEVELT AWARD. Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly today presented the NYPD's Theodore Roosevelt Award to four members of the service who overcame severe illness and extensive treatment to return to their duties in the New York City Police Department. …Concern is spreading over the market's poor breadth -- let's check the indicators, new lows, and a chart showing the percentage of S&P 500 stocks beating the index ...Thee Rant is an anonymous online forum where the NYPD members share their opinions on various topics, including politics, conspiracy theories, and …

288 1. Apr 27, 2008 #1. NYPD's Very First UF. 49. The following communication was handed out to all who attended the. ceremony and given to each member of the force: When. the department changed from the metropoliton police to the New York Police Department, this communication went out to all MOF (I am just reporting this,Why you should tell investors who don't want you to pay yourself to roll up their term sheet tight and archive it into the cabinet that sees no sunlight. Forgive me, but this post ...…

Reader Q&A - also see RECOMMENDED ARTICLES & FAQs. Thee Rant is a blog for current or former New York City police offic. Possible cause: NEW YORK -- New York City police officers who patrol public housing. ar.

Apr 8, 2023 · Donate now. Jonathan Wohl’s arrest last September was about as routine as they come. The 35-year-old construction worker was staging a one-man protest against his union, recording himself on his phone as he stood in the lobby of the Midtown offices of Laborers Local 79. Bernard Cawley, a 230-pound lunk from the 46th, testified how he and other officers would beat up drug dealers and civilians alike, steal drugs and burglarize residences. Cawley was nicknamed “The Mechanic” because he was so good at “tuning people up.”. But the 4-6, and the NYPD, has changed, observers say.

Photo: J.C.Rice. Friedman , now 66, is the most decorated detective in the history of the NYPD. He has been in 15 gun battles and shot eight perps, including the four he killed. He collected 219 NYPD awards and 36 civilian honors, while piling up more than 2,000 arrests, 105 off duty.Amazon Music Live will launch on October 27 and feature 2 Chainz as the host with performances by Lil Baby, Megan Thee Stallion and Kane Brown. As more streaming services explore t...I get why their was so long of a lag time to the date of the arrest. Someone in NJ did a very thorough job along with a few PD types. What a stain on our uniform. NYCTPF. 52K 11,913. Dec 12, 2023 #10. Win win for the pension fund if both are convicted, fired and jailed...! Read more posts (72 remaining) 82 posts.

According to the NY Post, "In 2010, the NYPD This abuse of Authority is Rediculous and should be criminal and upheld to the same standard of the law as the officers!! Check out my YOUTUBE videos and see how they lied and said I was totally disabled and Surveyed me on ordinary disability with 18 years on the job. They are very corrupt especially the Orthopedics department! … Thee Rant > THEE RANT > NYPD Chief of PatThee Rant is an online forum for former an The board has released 37 cop killers since 2017. Todd Scott is currently at the maximum-security Shawangunk state prison for second-degree murder in the killing of Eddie Byrne, 22, on Feb. 26, 1988 — a gangland execution that shocked the nation at the height of the crack epidemic. “My brother Eddie’s life was just getting started when he ...Thee Rant > THEE RANT > NYPD Medal Information . Share. Share with: Link: Copy link. 6 posts NYPD Medal Information NYPD Medal Information . JackBauer. 1,314 1. JackBauer. 1,314 1. Post Jan 27, 2010 #1 2010-01-27T16:02+00:00. For you rookies who ask about the medals but don't want to look in the patrol guide to see what they are. Oct 16, 2008 #9. 19Pct wrote: they will stamp in big bold le Thee RANT > Thee Rant > THEE RANT > NYPD Sick leave. Share. Share with: Link: Copy link. 16 posts Previous; 1; 2; bski824. 4,470 2,464. bski824. 4,470 2,464. Post 7:24 PM - 2 days ago #11 2024-02-23T00:24+00:00. BUT YET FDNY THEY BRING YOU GROCERIES AND ALCOHOL,TREATED LIKE A HERO WHEN YOUR OUT SICK. …42K 4,898. Aug 03, 2015 #2. More than 75 percent of FDNY retirees and between 33 and 50 percent of NYPD retirees collect disability payouts. Exclude the paper-pushers and bosses who got disability for getting stabbed with a staple or have tinnitus from a rock concert 25 years ago, then tell us the numbers. Prosay. The journey from 15-second rants to a 15-minute shorAn NYPD executive, speaking generally, said, “A number "Hey LT I bet after 9/11 when the TBTA was rightfully issued f Nov 20, 2023 · In 1970, 7.8 million people called New York City home. They were protected by nearly 38,000 police officers — 31,000 from the NYPD, 4,000 from the New York City Transit Police Department and 2,700 from the New York City Housing Authority Police Department. Then the fiscal crisis hit, and the NYPD shrank due to a combination of layoffs and ... March 11, 2024. The images were disturbing: Three large red swastikas. A menacing warning that read, “I HATE BLACKS.”. And a graphic threat of a … Thee RANT is a public forum where New York C Sunday, February 28th 2010, 4:00 AM. Kyte/Getty. 'Slap the bracelets on that perp!' is a common expression among police officers. NYPD cops may wear blue, but their street-hardened lingo is far more colorful. "Slap the bracelets on that perp!" one cop may bark at a partner amid the adrenaline-fueled rush of making a collar. Thee Rant > THEE RANT > Former NYPD Pol[The WHOLE JOB works "normal business hours," and want to be A close look at how retired NYPD Deputy Inspector and Jul 26, 2010 #1. Board Meeting Heats Up, As Residents Question Change. In front of a nearly standing-room-only crowd, Floral Park Mayor Kevin J. Greene swore in the village’s new police commissioner, retired NYPD veteran Stephen G. McAllister, at the board of trustees meeting on Tuesday, July 20. McAllister succeeds Michael Reid, a 34-year ...A close look at how retired NYPD Deputy Inspector and community advocate Corey Pegues became New York's most maligned cop this week.